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The Philadelphia Satirer was founded as a satire writing incubator. We want to be a platform for people to practice satire writing and hone their craft while getting their names out there. To become a contributor, simply submit five or more headlines to this Google Form link. They do not have to be about Philadelphia, although we would appreciate a regional focus. We’ll vote on your headlines and if you get votes, reach out with a piece we’d like to see written out in a one-paragraph, news-in-brief format. After the piece gets approved by our team, you’ll be a contributor!

To get an idea of our (hopefully varied) voice, check out articles on the website. We’re not looking for jokes that punch down or check off any of the -ism’s.

We vote on headlines every two weeks during pandemics and once a month when there is not a pandemic. (Subject to change.)

If you’d like, you can also submit writing samples, including submission packets that have been rejected elsewhere, to Please make sure your submission matches the voice of The Philadelphia Satirer and please limit submission to 300 words or less. This is a volunteer effort and we want to respect your time and ours!

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