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The Philadelphia Satirer was founded as a satire writing incubator. We want to be a platform for people to practice satire writing and hone their craft while getting their names out there. To become a contributor, simply submit five or more headlines to this Google Form link. They do not have to be about Philadelphia, although we would appreciate a regional focus. We’ll vote on your headlines and if you get votes, reach out with a piece we’d like to see written out in a one-paragraph, news-in-brief format. After the piece gets approved by our team, you’ll be a contributor!

To get an idea of our (hopefully varied) voice, check out articles on the website. We’re not looking for jokes that punch down or check off any of the -ism’s.

We vote on headlines every two weeks during pandemics and once a month when there is not a pandemic. (Subject to change.)

We are no longer accepting full pieces at this time. Please submit headlines only. This is a volunteer effort and we want to respect your time and ours!

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