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DJ On Instagram Live Creates Authentic Experience With Mom Wearing Pasties

DARBY, PA – Shouting “I wanna see your hands” into his iPhone 6s, local disc jockey Jeremy McMullen reportedly created an authentic DJ experience on Instagram Live this past Friday with his mom onscreen wearing pasties. “My little Jeremy kept – oh excuse me – DJ J-Remy kept saying it just won’t be the same without being able to see his fans,” says Jeremy’s mom, adding that Grandma Doris will be joining the stream part way through in a neon green tutu. “I tried ordering the pasties on Amazon but they would have taken too long to ship, so thankfully I had some genoa salami lying around. Once I had them secured in place, we realized they might be too inappropriate for Instagram, but then Jeremy reminded us that it’s okay because they completely cover both of my areolas.” At press time, the family was waiting for Grandma Doris to come down off the molly. 

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