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Health Experts Recommend Avoiding Extremely Traumatic Events As A Child

Picture of a crying boy with a white shirt in front of a white wall
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels Copy

PHILADELPHIA – Experts from the National Center For Children Taking All The Responsibility advised kids to do their best to avoid traumatic events on their own. “The younger you understand that it’s your responsibility – and your responsibility alone – to stay safe, the better. This is why we are trying to get this message out to all 6-month-olds,” explained spokesperson Henry Beesner, suggesting it’s easier than dealing with the hassle of years of therapy down the line.

“For example, we recommend that you don’t let your parents get divorced and, if they do, make sure it’s not your fault,” Beesner said. “Another trauma we see is children growing up in extreme poverty, which could be totally avoided if the child tries their best not to be poor.”

Beesner stressed the only positive that comes out of a difficult childhood is that the child might grow up to make some really good art.

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