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Iowa’s Annual Indoor Coughing Competition Rescheduled For Next Month

DES MOINES, IA– Urging contestants to maintain their enthusiasm for competitive coughing for one more month, the National Coughing Coalition announced Wednesday they are postponing Iowa’s annual indoor coughing competition until next month. “After many discussions with local health authorities, we have come to the decision that it just isn’t the right time for us to hold Cough-Con. We feel very confident that things will be completely back to normal in just 30 days,” announced coalition president Carl Peterson, adding that although this is the ninth time they’ve pushed back the competition, they’re pretty sure March will be totally fine. “Ultimately, our main focus at the National Coughing Coalition is on public safety. We want to assure our loyal fans that if they can just wait for one more month, this whole pandemic situation will be a thing of the past and we will be back to coughing down each other’s mouths for points in no time!” At press time, the competition organizers were in talks of a potential collaboration with the Committee On Hocking Loogies Great Distances.

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