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Inspiring! This Girl Boss Gets Paid To Swivel Her Mouse Every 15 Minutes

PHILADELPHIA, PA— The challenges of this past year have forced many people to evolve their daily routines, including our many #GirlBosses out there. We talked to one self-described #GirlBoss, 24-year-old Emily Dawson, to see how she is taking control and facing the uncontrolled spread of a terrifying and deadly virus head-on.

“Actually, nothing in my life is really all that different. Everyday I wake up and walk to my local woman-owned coffee shop, about 15 minutes away. Then I do some yoga and meditation exercises to channel my inner #BossBabe for about fifteen minutes, and then I chop up fresh fruit for my morning shake that gives me plenty of energy to be a #GirlBoss all day long, which takes about fifteen minutes to prepare. And of course in between each of these activities, I’m devoting plenty of time to diligently check that my computer screen looks active on Skype for Business. The vital key to being a successful #GirlBoss in this new era of the pandemic is to be able to effortlessly multitask and juggle multiple items simultaneously. Thinking of it now, I guess I’ve just done a really good job at keeping things consistent even in such scary and uncertain times. You can’t let your fear of the coronavirus control your life! It’s like my favorite Girl Boss herself’s husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt used to say, ‘All we have to fear is fear itself.’”

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