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Concerned Mother Unsure How to Talk to Teenage Son About the Photos of Rhinos Mating She Found in His Room

MEDWAY, MA — Julia Rogers, 51, was delivering some clean laundry to her 13-year-old son’s bedroom when she saw a stack of pictures sticking out from under his bed. Expecting to discover pornography in what is usually a prime hiding spot, she was taken back by what she found. “He had printed pictures from the internet in full color of rhinos being romantic with one another,” a disheveled Mrs. Rogers reported. Mrs. Rogers does not know how to approach the subject with her son. “I asked if he’s working on any research papers right now but he said that he isn’t.”

Rogers claims that this is the first major interest her son has taken in zoology or animals of any type. Rogers recalled, “One night at dinner we played a game where we went around the table and stated our favorite animals. My son said rhinos were his favorite because they are 100% raw explosive power.”

Philadelphia Satirer reached out to Ross Beatty, an adolescent psychologist, for comment. He advised, “The young man might be exploring eroticism which is natural at this age, he should not be made to feel like he is doing anything wrong.”

Upon relaying the advice to Mrs. Rogers, she responded, “Well, I wasn’t supposed to see these because technically I’m not allowed to go into his room. My husband is gonna have to handle this.”

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