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Toxic Friend Actually Pretty Cool After Purchase Of Vacation Home

Photo by Depositphotos

PHILADELPHIA– Shifting from least favorite friend to one of the coolest guys around, toxic friend Chase Langford is actually pretty awesome after purchasing a vacation home. “Chase has been a harmful person to have around the past couple years, but I’m finally ready to forgive and forget after he came to his senses and bought a beautiful 5 bedroom in Sea Isle City,” says friend Andrea Glassman, adding that it takes a courageous person to recognize when they’re in the wrong and splurge on a property just one block from the beach. “We were still planning to cut him out of our lives until he mentioned something about a pool, which is when we realized how Chase is such a good dude. Buying a house that’s close to the beach and comes with a pool? Chase is really making changes from within.” Glassman noted she started to see the positive change in Chase once he finally got professional help from a licensed real estate agent. “One thing that’s awesome is a bunch of his family just died this past year which means more rooms for us.”

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