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Lack Of Hikers Leads To Critical Food Shortages For Ticks

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA – The American Insect Conservation Association (AICA) has announced that the lack of hikers caused by the coronavirus lockdown has led to critical food shortages for ticks. AICA spokeswoman and amateur entomologist, Ellen Barcum, stated, “Both dog and deer ticks have been affected equally by the lack of fresh blood coming into Valley Forge National Park. All over Pennsylvania, ticks are going hungry and losing weight. In the coming weeks, we will see large numbers of ticks dying from starvation unless something is done.” According to the American Red Cross, blood donations are at critical lows. “In the past, we could have diverted some of those blood resources to feed ticks but now they need that blood to keep human patients alive,” said Barcum, rolling her eyes.

Some ticks, however, aren’t just waiting around to die. One large group of ticks was planning on migrating to the city of Philadelphia within the next few days. “Times are hard, blood isn’t coming to us anymore so we are going to it,” said a deer tick, who wished to be identified as Bill. Several protests are also planned in the suburbs of Philadelphia including one called “Blood 4 Us.” The American Insect Conservation Association advised that the kindest thing that you can do right now is to go for a hike and do not check for ticks when you return home.

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