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How Can We Help? The 76ers Mascot Franklin Is Talking About Hurting Himself Again

PHILADELPHIA– Franklin is once again feeling the pressure of working in a city alongside two of the most iconic mascots in professional sports. “He threatened to light himself on fire in a Chickie’s and Pete’s bathroom when Gritty debuted back in September of 2018. Luckily his fur is flame retardant and several patrons pinned him to the ground and sang him Aerosmith songs until he felt better,” said Franklin’s mother and owner Mary Rexall. This time around, Franklin seems very upset that Ben Simmons is going to be traded and DM’ed the Phanatic some really dark shit. “Franklin and Ben had this tradition they would do every Tuesday morning: they would each get a Santucci’s original pizza and dump a can of Friskies Ocean Whitefish cat food on it,” detailed Rexall. Rexall is asking fans to send Franklin videos of themselves eating this special treat to help him get through this tough time. Also, if Franklin’s favorite singer Steven Tyler is reading this, it might be cool if you sent The Satirer some $$$ so we can produce a few high-quality pizza videos to cheer Franklin up.

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