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Empowering! Woman Holding Big Book On Bus Has Read 15 Pages Of It

NYC– Local woman Sandra Jean Simmins was reported to have read 15 pages of the very lengthy historical biography she was holding on the bus. “I know! I’m such a big reader!” Sandra says with a big smile. “I read 15 pages and now know that the subject of the book was born in 1918, liked lighting orphanages on fire, and hated all women, especially his mother. I read fifteen pages but it only says page 5 because some of the numbers were in Roman numerals, so it still counts.”

“People ask me how I have the confidence to have such a big book on the bus and I tell them– I dunno, guess smart women can walk amongst us.” At press time, Sandra had made it to 20 pages and threw herself a “Reading Icon” party at the feminist bookstore Bluestockings Bookshop in the Lower East Side. She later threw the book in the trash because it turned out the guy was terrible.

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