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Neighbor’s Cat Gazing Into Your Window Probably Surveying All The Stuff That Could Be Knocked Off The Table

PHILADELPHIA– A Fishtown couple believes that they have discovered the answer as to why their neighbor’s cat stares at length into their kitchen window. “We noticed our neighbor’s cat Nico staring in here for hours on end whenever we put something special on our kitchen table like a vase containing flowers or a large glass of chocolate milk,” said Maren Sullivan.

Sullivan and her husband Paul began conducting trials last spring during quarantine to see which items captured Nico’s attention the most. “We started to climb on our table to knock items off as a cat would and observed Nico’s reactions from next door. He was jumping around and going crazy in his window. It was as though he grew angry because he wanted to knock the Thomas Kinkade The Life Of Christ porcelain statue on the floor himself,” said Paul Sullivan.

Sadly, the study came to an abrupt end when Nico lost all interest in the Sullivans’ kitchen table due to a bird building a nest on the sill of his owner’s bathroom window.

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