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Teen Thinks He’s Finally Ready For The Type Of Freedom A Fishing License Brings

Photo by Mana Nabavian on Unsplash

PHILADELPHIA– Jimmy McGill of the City’s Bridesburg neighborhood has been counting the days until his sixteenth birthday, the day when he will finally be old enough to obtain a fishing license of his own. “I don’t know, I’m just so excited to be able to get out there on the open water to fish all by myself and not have to be with a licensed adult anymore.” McGill, who has felt like he was ready for a fishing license since he was twelve years old, detailed what will change now: “I can’t wait to go out fishing with a couple of friends, we will be able to fish as fast as we want or I can take a date out fishing alone, without having to hear my dad say stuff like, ‘Watch out! There might be snakes near that log.’ ” A misty-eyed Jim McGill Sr. watched as his son walked down the street towards the Delaware River, fishing pole in hand. The elder McGill sobbed, “They grow up so fast. I won’t stop worrying until he gets home safe. There’s so much trouble out there a kid could get into fishing alone.”

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