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Stingray In Petting Pool Fantasizes About Experiencing A Foot

Image by Kevinsphotos from Pixabay

CAMDEN, NJ– One of the Adventure Aquarium’s Southern Stingrays in the petting pool has been fantasizing about experiencing the caress of a human foot. Kahikilani, who goes by Karl, details his newfound desire: “I’ve been touched by hundreds, if not thousands, of human hands per day. That’s just not doing it for me anymore, I want to experience something new. Just once, I want to know what it feels like to have a human foot run over my hide.” 

The staff at Adventure Aquarium began to have a hunch about Karl’s new desires when they would wade into the petting pool for feedings and maintenance. “Karl was the only stingray who would hang around my feet when I would enter the pool. He seemed to have more interest in my feet than food sometimes,” said keeper Sandy Ott. 

The aquarium has put together a surprise for Karl’s upcoming birthday. Ott detailed that they will have a special experience called “Help Karl Feel Something” where interested parties can take off their shoes and rub their feet on Karl’s back. Anyone interested in helping Karl feel something should contact the Adventure Aquarium before August 1st.

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