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The Release Of The New Movie Concrete Cowboy Has Philadelphians Saying, ‘Holy Shit, Idris Elba Was Here!?!’

PHILADELPHIA– With the release of Concrete Cowboy on Netflix this weekend, many city residents are reacting with extreme surprise that the film’s star Idris Elba was in town for filming and they didn’t know about it. “When Andre 3000 was here filming that TV show everybody saw him around town for like half a year, nobody saw Idris’s Elba’s handsome ass around at all. They had to hide him from the ladies,” said city resident Cliff Jenkins. The movie, which was filmed in Philadelphia during the summer of 2019, is based on the city’s legendary Fletcher Street Cowboys. Elba was inspired to make the movie after he saw a Black cowboy in Center City on a visit several years earlier. “Wait wait, Idris Elba was here twice, once for at least a month and I didn’t get to experience his beauty in person? I can’t believe I didn’t know James Bond was here,” said Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney. At press time, Philadelphians were trying to develop an alarm system that activates sirens and red flashing lights to alert residents when Idris Elba enters Philadelphia.

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