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List: Famous Intersections In Philly And Why

33rd & Oxford St– It was here that John Coltrane first fell in love with music after ripping a supremely melodious fart. He would go on to create jazz history trying to emulate that sound on his saxophone in the following decades.

5th & Arch St– Benjamin Franklin’s final resting place is also the future grave site of both Hall and Oates. 

4th & Vine St– Home of St. Augustine Church where M. Night Shyamalan got his inspiration for The Sixth Sense while tripping on mushrooms and hallucinating a dead Bruce Willis.

Front St & Susquehanna Ave– The real site of J&M Tropical Fish. This is also where Sylvester Stallone reportedly ate 50 live goldfish on a bet posed by Carl Weathers.

15th & Callowhill St– There’s a truck that takes passport photos. It’s called Rosa Photo. In case anyone needs one.

18th & Wallace St– Home of Roberto Clemente Park and Playground, a young Will Smith got in one little ass kicking here prompting him to move to Los Angeles and pursue a television and film career.

15th & JFK Blvd– You can sometimes find the Mayor there dressed as Santa asking for donations to the city treasury.

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